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Welcoming DCVC's Inaugural Executive Director!

Dr. Katrina Polk, will come onboard to lead our efforts as the leader of the DC Villages Collaborative (DCVC).....

Later this month, DCVC's inaugural Executive Director, Dr. Katrina Polk, will come onboard to lead our efforts. Dr. Katt, as she is known, has spent the past two decades working on issues at the heart of aging in the community. She earned her doctorate in public policy and administration from Walden University and holds multiple certificates and credentials in project management, aging and wellness, and gerontology. In her new role, Dr. Katt will lead collaborative efforts among the 13 DC Villages, working closely with leaders of existing Villages and exploring expansion of the Village concept into underserved areas of the city. 

These are exciting times from my perspective.  Here in our neighborhood, we have benefitted from our founders' vision, wisdom, and hard work.  We now have 221 members, over 100 volunteers, and in 2023, held 390 events and provided 1628 critical services, such as rides, prescription and grocery deliveries, and handyperson services.  We know the power of working together to achieve amazing results. With a stronger DCVC, we will benefit through enhanced programming, for example, but we will also see the Village movement grow and deepen across the city. I am confident that like me and my sisters, we'll collectively and individually put in a lot of hard work, but we'll surely have a lot of fun while also helping to make a difference in the city that we all call home.

The full press release about Dr. Polk is available to read here.


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