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Volunteer Questions & Answers

Q. Why do we need volunteers?

The Village creates opportunities for adults of all ages to connect, make new friends, and participate in social activities. But some of our members need some help to continue to live independently in their own homes in our community. That’s where our volunteers come in. Our volunteers are the heart of our Village. You allow us to meet the needs of our neighbors in their homes. While our members receive much-needed assistance, many volunteers will tell you that it is they who receive the biggest reward, as their help creates life-enriching connections.

Q. What do Volunteers do to assist members?


Village Volunteers respond to Volunteer Opportunities posted by email every Monday and Wednesday. Volunteers offer their help by a return email or call to the office.

Volunteer assistance includes:

  • Help with small household chores, lawn care, and yard tasks

  • Social visits and conversation

  • Tutorials for computers, cell phones, and other gadgets

  • Rides to doctors, shopping, cultural events, and other destinations

  • Participation in social and cultural activities, meeting neighbors, making new friends

  • Information and referral to a wide variety of services

  • Help in the Village office with administrative work

  • Service on membership, outreach and other committees

  • Creating and/or managing social activities and events


Q. What commitments are expected from Volunteers?


As a volunteer, you decide when you are available and the kind of assistance you can provide. Time commitments can range upward from an hour, depending on what you agree to do. We encourage volunteers to volunteer at least one hour every two weeks.



Q. Are there requirements for being a volunteer?


We welcome individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities and we will work with you to identify the way you are best able to assist our members. All volunteers must pass a background check and attend a two-hour training session that focuses on best practices and ways to assist our members. You can attend a group training session or we can arrange personal training at a convenient time.



Q. Will I work with the same member each time I volunteer?


It’s up to you. Some volunteers like meeting a variety of members, while others particularly enjoy building a deeper relationship through regular contact with one member.


Q. Who manages the volunteers, and how?
Volunteers are managed by the Volunteer Committee, which is composed of other Village volunteers. Once you indicate your interest, a member of the committee will contact you.



Q. Can I volunteer to help run the Village?

Absolutely, and we can’t operate without you. Volunteers assist with every aspect of the Village: in the office, on one of our committees, with our website or on social media, or at some of our events. Let us know your skills and preferences and we’ll be happy to match you to the right position.


More questions? Please contact the Village office.





To learn more contact the Village office


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