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Membership Questions & Answers

Q. What is Cleveland & Woodley Park Village?

Cleveland & Woodley Park Village is one of over 160 nonprofit Villages operating or forming worldwide to help change the way people age and to enhance community. Many people love their current communities and want to stay in them as they age, but practical difficulties often arise. Neighbors helping neighbors makes a difference. A Village engages neighborhood volunteers of all ages to provide practical help and expanded opportunities for friendship, fun and learning to older adults.

Q.  How does it work?

Members pay annual dues that entitle them to request services on an ongoing basis and to participate in a range of regular and special outings and activities with members and volunteers.  Volunteer services may include transportation, household repairs, tech assistance, occasional yard work, errands, visits, and more. Village staff, currently a full-time Director and part-time Program Coordinator, match these requests with a volunteer.  Members and volunteers come together for planned celebrations, outings and pursuing common interests.

Q.  What area does Cleveland & Woodley Park Village serve?

Cleveland & Woodley Park Village serves the Cleveland Park and Woodley Park neighborhoods. The service area is bounded roughly on the north by Upton and Tilden Streets, on the east by Rock Creek Park and the National Zoological Park, on the south by Calvert Street and Massachusetts Avenue, and on the west by the Glover-Archibald Trail.  Click to access Village map.  Other Villages serve adjacent areas.

Q.  Is there an age or disability requirement?

No. Our primary purpose is to serve senior neighbors of all abilities with no strict age limitation.

Q.  What does membership cost?

There are two levels of membership depending on your need. Basic Member dues are $300 a year to enjoy social activities. Member Plus, which offers support from our volunteers, costs $575 for individuals and $875 for households.  Supported Memberships (reduced fee) are also available, based on financial need. Call our office to get more detail at 202-615-5853. 

Q. What does Membership include?

Membership includes invitation to the full list of online and in-person social opportunities that the Village supports.  These activities include book clubs, exercise events, social gatherings including trips to museums and art galleries, coffee and conversation, and neighborhood events. The Village also arranges regular restaurant gatherings where restaurant owners offer a meal discount (meal costs are not included). Members may request transportation to and from these events.  New services and activities develop in response to member and volunteer suggestions.

Members Plus have access to our dedicated, trained and fully screened volunteers who will assist with practical tasks like transportation, errands, simple household tasks, and make visits and friendly calls to members wanting social connection.


Q. How do I sign up to become a Village member?

Call us (202-615-5853), OR email to request a Membership Application. You may use your credit card with our secure website application or send a check with the paper application.

Q. Are there limits on how often I may request volunteer services?

Up to three member requests may be made per week. We will do our best to meet each request, but cannot guarantee the availability of a volunteer every time. Members must make all requests through the Cleveland & Woodley Park Village office Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm. When possible, please provide three days notice for a service request. Member service requests go out to volunteers on Mondays and Wednesdays of each week.  Village volunteers may not provide financial or legal advice or assistance, nor may they administer any kind of “hands on personal care.”

Q. How can I be sure the volunteers are capable and trustworthy?

All volunteers undergo a background check and attend an orientation. Volunteers who provide transportation must also provide a copy of their driver’s license, vehicle registration, and car insurance.


Q. What if I do not need services now but expect that I might later?

You can join as a Member now to participate in Village activities and change your membership level later should you want the additional services that Member Plus provides.


Q. What if I sign up as a member and also want to be a Cleveland & Woodley Park Village volunteer?

We hope you will. Many of our members are also volunteers. At the same time, there is no requirement for members to volunteer.

Q. Is financial assistance for dues offered?

Cleveland & Woodley Park Village wants to serve as many interested persons as we can. We have a Supported Membership rate for those who are income-eligible. Contact us to learn more.

To learn more, contact the Village office


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