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Village News for December 22nd

From Frank... 

Happy holidays to all who celebrate!  This time of year is also our annual fundraising appeal.  Your gift is both critically important to us and considered a charitable contribution.  If you've met me or have read this column before, you know that I am passionate about the Village movement and our Village in particular. 

The reason for that passion is that I am lucky to have a front row seat to witness the power of our work.  I've seen the many connections and friendships form among members who otherwise wouldn't get together.  I've seen the positive interactions between our members and younger tech tutor volunteers who share their knowledge of printers (and by the way, aren't printer drivers annoying?) Several Villagers depend on us for grocery deliveries each week. The list goes on, but we are certainly making a difference, not only in the lives of our members, but also in the general community.  This year, we launched our Information and Resources Directory, co-sponsored eight Tuesday Talks, four community concerts, two Sunday Suppers in partnership with All Souls Episcopal, and a balance clinic with Pivot Physical Therapy to name just a few.  We're making an impact in many ways throughout our neighborhood.

As a Woodley Park resident since 2004, I can say that I never made as many community connections and friendships as I have in the last four years as Executive Director of the Village.  Perhaps that's really the difference that we make – we're building a sense of a neighborly community in the heart of this bustling city.

If you enjoy our newsletter, attend programs, or just value the work that we're doing in the community, I'd greatly appreciate your donation so that we can keep doing this work and even increase our programming. Your support also allows us to offer memberships to those with limited financial means.  Currently, 30% of our members who receive services receive a free membership.  We don't want finances to be the reason why someone doesn't get the help we need. 

Our motto has always been "Neighbors Helping Neighbors."  Thank you, in advance, for your help in supporting such a valuable neighborhood-based organization...from one neighbor to another, we honestly cannot do this work without your support.

Happy Holidays,



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