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From Frank..Village News Oct. 20, 2023

This week I was reminded of just how fragile and precarious life can be. I lost a second friend to brain cancer on Sunday and I think I've been in shock since I heard the tragic news. Cat was a lifelong friend. She was a fierce advocate for older adults as the executive director of a senior legal aid non-profit, a musician, a mother, a new grandmother to a two-month old grandson, and definitely a free spirit. A common theme among the many online comments on her obituary was that she lived life on her terms and was deeply admired for it, even by those with whom she had spirited disagreements, mostly over policy issues. Another very close friend, Sally, once told me that she feels that one's legacy is perhaps best understood by how we impact others and the changes that others make as a result of interacting with us, much like ripples in the water. With that also present in my thoughts this week as I grieve the loss of Cat, my spirits are somewhat buoyed by how I am different because of her. In fact, I am somehow refueled and recommitted to being as healthy as I can, taking time to have fun and enjoy family and friends, and using whatever skills and abilities I have to advocate for others, specifically older adults and especially those with cognitive impairments. I will be off next week for a planned trip to Iceland. I hope that you'll find something fun to do with the Village, even if that's just talking a walk or somehow connecting with another member or volunteer. We have the usual yoga, stretching, and walking groups in the coming week, but we also have the Games Group on Wednesday and the docent-led tour of Ford's Theatre on Thursday. Our online auction will be launched on Friday, October 27th, and we hope that you will have fun perusing and hopefully bidding on the wonderful assortment of donated items. There's also an opportunity through the auction to provide scarves for those in need! Have a great week everyone and remember that even a momentary interaction with others may make a lasting impression and change the world in ways we can't fully fathom. For more information on Cleveland & Woodley Park Village please review the website -


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