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Check it out: OLLI Courses at American University

Calling all lifelong learners! OLLI at American University is open for registration for the upcoming February Shorts and Spring Semester. Those who are 50 years and older can sign up for a wide variety of classes on topics such as the arts, sciences, politics, literature, philosophy, and more. Each of the February Shorts runs for 2-5 days and Spring classes run once a week from the end of February to early May. Classes are in-person and online, as well as several in hybrid format. Shorts are $100 per session for up to three classes while the Spring Semester is $300 for up to three classes.

The Spring Valley Building on American University is the campus home and a membership also comes with benefits such as access to the university’s library. OLLI works with several schools such as the School of Public Affairs (SPA) and the School of International Service (SIS) to host classes and special events. What makes OLLI unique is that the basic concept is that of peer learning and teaching. Members come from varied backgrounds, and what they have in common is genuine interest in continuing their learning experiences and intellectual stimulation in an organization of like-minded people. Members participate fully in study groups, either by leading them or attending them. There are no tests and no grades; members participate purely for the joy of learning. The goal is a high-quality learning experience accessible to all.

Register for the February Shorts before the January 17 lottery; and register for the Spring Semester before the February 14 lottery. Visit OLLI online at (look under CLASSES and then SEMESTERS and SHORTS).


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