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Tuesday Talks: DC's Nature and Ecology:The Impact of Climate Change and Urban Development

Tuesday, February 15 at 7:00 pm Register Here

Cleveland and Woodley Park’s location alongside hundreds of acres of parkland — Rock Creek Park, Tregaron, Rosedale, and more — provides unparalleled opportunities for urban residents to enjoy nature and wildlife in close proximity. Learn from neighborhood experts how climate change and urban development have affected ecology in our local gardens and wildlife.

Tamara Belt is an award-winning landscape designer and environmentalist who designs aesthetically-pleasing sustainable gardens in the DC metro area. She is the founder of Hawthorne Garden Design LLC and serves as the Landscape Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board of the Tregaron Conservancy. Erin Gleeson is a hobby beekeeper who keeps an apiary of about 20 hives at the Swiss Embassy in Woodley Park in Washington with her friend Sean Kennedy. Working together as “Bee Curious LLC”, Erin and Sean catch swarms across DC, rescue hives from rooftops, remove bees from walls, and spread the word about what anyone with a patch of soil can do to support our tiny friends and their native cousins.


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