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SSA Webinar: Improve Your Well-being through Diet & Exercise

Presented by New Morning Star Baptist Church and Sibley Senior Association Wednesday, January 26 at 7:00 pm Free Zoom Webinar

Join us to help get the new year off to a great start! Recent research is helping people better understand how to make sustainable and effective changes in their diets. Studies suggest that direct access to healthy food is one way to improve psychological and physical well-being. When people with chronic disease are provided with support that helps them to make healthier choices—even over a short period of time—both health and well-being improve. Nneka Okoye, nurse practitioner at Sibley Memorial Hospital, will help us discover the best ways to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise program into our everyday activities. Please register before Jan. 24 by emailing or calling the Sibley Senior Association at 202-364-7602.



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