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Processing the Holiday Blues

Tuesday, December 14 at 4:00 pm - Virtual

Hosted by Dupont Circle Village

Holidays can be an opportunity to celebrate hope and acknowledge losses. During this event, Shannon Collier, Grief Counselor with Capital Caring Health's Hospice Program, will provide information and lead a discussion on how acknowledging and honoring grief can improve our lives! Topics include: importance of emotions as information; celebrating our uniqueness; legacy actions; claiming your life; and normalizing needing and asking for help.

Bio: Shannon Collier, MS, MA is a resident of Manor Park DC and grief counselor in the Washington, DC office of Capital Caring Health. She has a diverse background in end-of-life care, spirituality, recreation, physical sciences, wellness, postpartum-care and volunteerism. Shannon lives with her spouse, loves spending time in Rock Creek Park or anywhere outdoors, and values seeing the common humanity in all people.



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