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Outdoor Vaccine Clinic October 13

Wednesday, October 13th

at The Broadmoor

Noon to 2:00 PM

On Wednesday, October 13th we will again be partnering with Giant Pharmacy and The Broadmoor to hold an outdoor vaccination clinic outside of the main entrance of The Broadmoor (3601 Connecticut Avenue NW).

Giant pharmacists will administer the flu shots, COVID vaccines (Moderna or Pfizer for the initial vaccines), Pfizer COVID booster, shingles, and pneumonia vaccines.

Register by e-mailing and indicating whether you would like a time slot between 12 & 1:00 pm, or between 1 & 2:00 pm. Please identify which vaccines you want to receive when registering. We will get back to you with your specific appointment time. You will need to bring your Medicare care, insurance card, and previous COVID vaccine card (if you want the Pfizer-BioNTech booster.)

Masks are required.



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