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National Village Day Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the Village Movement

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the Village Movement and the positive impact Villages have on the experience of aging, Tuesday, Feb. 15, will be recognized as National Village Day.

From its beginnings when a small group of Beacon Hill neighbors established the first Village in Boston in 2002 to a thriving network today of more than 300 nonprofit, community­ based Villages across the country, the Village model is now established as a cost-effective, sustainable solution for healthy, vibrant aging - a milestone worthy of celebration!

The celebration will include a Zoom webinar, organized by the national Village to Village Network, that will feature the Beacon Hill story of how it all began, trace key developments in the Village Movement, highlight stories from several Villages representing different models, and celebrate the role of Villages in communities across the country and internationally.

The celebration also will reach the halls of the U.S. Congress with a proclamation in the House of Representatives designating February 15 as National Village Day, sponsored by Congressman Stephen Lynch (MA), and recognizing Beacon Hill Village and the Village Movement.

"Village to Village Network is delighted to celebrate this 20th anniversary of Beacon Hill Village and the Village Movement," said Kim Grier, president of Village to Village Network, the national association that champions Villages and serves as a Village commons with resources and guidance. "Villages are a cost-effective care model for our rapidly aging society that increasingly recognizes the benefits of home and community-based care for older adults. We celebrate the positive impact Villages are having on the lives of an estimated 40,000 older adults today, even as we work toward a bright future in which Village membership is an option for every older American, regardless of where they live or who they may be."

The 13 DC Villages are working on plans to commemorate the day locally. Stay tuned for more information!


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