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Impressions of the Village Concert: Classical at the Omni

Last weekend the Village organized a classical musical performance for members, friends, and the community in the elegant garden of the Omni Shoreham Hotel. Cellist Vasily Popov and pianist Ralitza Patcheva regaled the audience with sonat(in)as by Francoeur, Schubert and Brahms, and variations for cello and piano from Beethoven. The weather was wonderful and several of the 100 attendees shared their impressions of the concert with village volunteers. Member Nancy Langworthy found out about the concert from the flyer that was distributed around the community. She grew up listening to and playing classical music and thought the musicians were very impressive. Her favorite piece of the day ... Schubert’s sonatina for violin and piano in D major. New member Suzanne McCarthey was partial to the Beethoven. She added that it was wonderful to be outside on such a lovely day and that she very much appreciated the Village for organizing these kind of events. Nancy Morgan and former Board member Linda Mahler said the concert was very relaxing, lively, and held in a wonderful space. They added that the selection of music had been very nice and that it was lovely to have the opportunity to catch up with old friends. Georgetown Village member Sarah Barnett attended and was impressed. She said it had been an idyllic Sunday afternoon – “like something out of a movie”. Thank you again to the concert’s sponsors, Bob and Pat Wittie, the DC Department of Aging and Community Living, and the Omni Shoreham Hotel. We will be organizing several more concerts this season and hope to see you many of you there!

Shared by Village volunteer Paul Strum



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