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From Frank ... I learned the hard way about falls prevention.

It was like a slow-motion in a movie – I could see Mom wobble and knew right then she was going to fall – but from where I was standing there was nothing I could do to stop it.

We knew how serious a fall could be to Mom’s health and had taken every precaution: taping down rugs, grab bars strategically placed around the house, yet here we were. Mom suffered a cracked femur and required surgery. I don’t think she has ever fully recovered; the fall hastened her physical and cognitive decline. It’s hard at 91 to bounce back fully.

So I know firsthand the importance of doing everything possible to prevent falls. Mom's experience isn’t a unique one, at least not in DC. The CDC reports that nearly 32 percent of DC adults over 65 have reported falling – a figure over the national average.

Help Us Raise Awareness

The Village is committed to doing our part to lower these numbers by helping to raise awareness and sharing falls prevention tips.

On Friday, September 2nd at 1:30, the Village will partner with Pivot Physical Therapy in Cleveland Park to conduct a balance assessment and falls prevention clinic. Several physical therapists, led by Pivot’s Cleveland Park Director Dan Soler, will demonstrate a series of steps you can take to assess your risk and share prevention tips.

The event will be held outside at the Adas Israel Congregation, located at 2850 Quebec Street and is being sponsored by Joe Oppenheimer and Edie Fraser. The event is free and open to anyone. Register here to reserve your spot.

Get to know the falls risk factors

Of course, many of the risk factors are just part of the aging process, which is why prevention is so important. Common fall risks include:

  • blood pressure changes,

  • dehydration,

  • muscle weakness,

  • hearing or vision loss,

  • being on more than four medications,

  • possessing a fear of falling.

A trained Physical and Occupational Therapist can show you new ways of doing things to prevent a fall. I hope you will attend our session on September 2. And invite your friends, we’d love to have a turnout exceeding last year’s.

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village


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