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Eligible Residents May Apply to Receive Free Produce at Farmers Markets

The 2021 Produce Plus Direct season will provide 4,000 DC residents with produce beginning on June 1st, with an application and enrollment period April 14th- April 30th. The program will have major changes this year from prior years.

If you are a DC resident who participates in Medicaid, TANF, SNAP, QMB,WIC, SSI Disability and/or Grocery Plus you can apply between April 14th- April 30th for a slot to receive produce through Produce Plus in one of two ways:

You can apply online (between April 14th and April 30th, 2021) to receive produce of your choice at a farmers market. There are limited participation slots. Enrollment for a slot at a farmers markets will be awarded through a membership lottery in May.



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