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Community Spotlight: Cleveland Park Citizens Association

Did you know that the Cleveland Park Citizens Association (CPCA) was instrumental in the formation of our Village? Under the leadership of Susie Taylor, the CPCA undertook a massive research project that quantified the support that the residents had for the Village concept.

The CPCA is a nonprofit organization with a long history of protecting and promoting the vibrancy, diversity and character of Cleveland Park. “CPCA members have a special voice in identifying and responding to community concerns,” says CPCA President Barr Weiner. “By responding to surveys, attending meetings, or serving on CPCA committees, members help educate the neighborhood and direct the association’s response. It’s a great way to help the neighborhood and get to know your neighbors.”

The CPCA has a strong legacy of advocacy and support for our neighborhood. It helped:

  • Bring the fire station in 1916,

  • Pay for building the original Cleveland Park Library,

  • Prevented a highway from running straight through the neighborhood.

  • Establish the Cleveland Park Main Street program

  • Create the Friends of the National Zoo.

Most recently CPCA has been an advocate for including Cleveland Park in the DC Slow Streets program, worked with the Cleveland Park Main Street Program to preserve local businesses during the pandemic and to revitalize Connecticut Avenue business district. It also is engaged with DC government on long-term plans for neighborhood commercial and residential development.

Annual membership dues are $20 per individual or $35 per household. For more information, check out their very informative website at

CPCA has an important and unique advocacy role for the neighborhood and its residents. Please consider joining this great partner organization!


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