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2022 Grief and Loss Conference

Thursday, Feb. 17th from 1:00 to 3:30 pm.

Register online here

You are invited to participate in 2022 Grief and Loss Conference organized by the Widowed Persons Outreach of Sibley Hospital on Thursday, Feb. 17th from 1:00 to 3:30 pm.

Grief is Like a River Running Through Our Life

Our grief is like a river; ever-present, but our relationship to it changes over time. Once we have experienced a major loss, we can apply the skills and insights we have developed to other losses throughout our lives. This workshop will focus on how the currents of this river can shape our lives as we move forward. This workshop should be helpful to all who grieve the loss a loved one.

The presenter/moderator will be Kelsang Varahi, M.D. She is a retired physician who spent many years meeting the medical and counseling needs of her patients. Over the past several years she has worked as a bereavement counselor and chaplain for a local hospice and has led support groups and workshops in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Registration can be accomplished any of three ways- online here, or email, or call 202-364-7602. Registrations can be made up to the day before the conference- emails with the Zoom link will be sent to registrants that day.

There is no charge for participating, but donations of $10 or more are welcomed to help cover costs. Please make checks out to WPO and mail to Janet Bullinger at 2813 North Glade St. NW Washington, DC 20016-3422. If you prefer to use PayPal or your credit card, use the Donate button at


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