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We're Looking for Volunteers!

The Village needs a few new or existing volunteers to tackle some important activities:

  • Drivers to take members to medical appointments, the grocery store, or other important venues.

  • Existing volunteers to serve on the Volunteer Committee

  • Volunteer "buddy” to new volunteers as they begin their service with us. This is a welcoming role that we hope will help new volunteers get acclimated and feel supported and a part of our community more quickly.

  • Writers to help develop content for the newsletter, review important documents such as our Member and Volunteer Handbooks, or grant proposals.

If these don't fit your talent or interest, we can find a job for anyone interested. If you have a special skill let me know and we’ll figure out how to you can use it to support our community. It’s also great when members step up to also volunteer. Our table is large and there’s definitely a place and a role for everything that wishes to contribute their time and talent.

If interested in volunteering, please send us an email. Our next Volunteer orientation is scheduled for July 6, details in the post below.


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