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VOTE! Tips for Village Members


Village volunteer Minturn Wright has generously compiled a list of tips for voting in the upcoming election, with some great resources on early voting and lists of voting centers.

Here are the highlights ...

  • Unless you vote early, you will wait in line. There will be no preference for seniors or persons with disabilities on Election Day: everybody will wait in the same line.

  • Vote by Mail. All DC residents received a ballot for mail in voting. To return, simply drop the completed ballot in the mail (no postage required). You may also return to an official DC mail in ballot drop box. Boxes are located at the Cleveland Park Library and the Second District Police Station on Idaho Ave. Or see the full list here.

  • In-person Early Voting. Starting October 27 you may vote early in person from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm. There are more than 30 early voting centers across the district, including four in Ward 3. In Woodley Park, The Omni Shoreham Hotel is the site of a SUPER VOTE CENTER. All of these will also be open on Election Day, 7:00am to 8:00 pm.

  • On Election Day, several dozen more vote centers will be open from 7 am to 8 pm. Note: The usual precinct-based polling places will not be open unless they are Election Day Vote Centers.

  • You Can Vote at Any Election Center. Any voter may vote at any election center; you need not go to “your” polling place to vote.

  • Curb Side Voting. Vote centers (except for the Super Vote Centers) will offer curbside voting, but—as before—if you wait until Election Day, there will be a line.

  • Personalized Ballots. This year, to allow any voter to vote at any location, the poll-workers will custom-print a ballot for each voter. As a result, getting your ballot will take a little longer.

    • To minimize line standing, avoid early morning voting. Whether you vote in person in advance or on Election Day, the first few hours of the morning tend to be the busiest; the “morning rush” fades after 10:00 am.

    • Follow the instructions carefully. Whether you vote by mail or in person, it is important to read and follow the directions carefully. You don’t want your ballot disqualified for a small oversight.

To see Minturn's full list of tips, click here.



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