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Pandemic Fatigue?

If you’re growing tired of the seemingly non-stop news on COVID-19 or find yourself taking greater risks, you are not alone.  As the pandemic wears on some people are finding themselves fatigued by the hypervigilant environment we are living in. An article written by Psychologist Carisa Parrish, M.A., Ph.D. of Johns Hopkins, outlines a number of steps you can take to make sure pandemic fatigue doesn’t compromise your health and safety. 

  • Develop new habits - As the article points out practice leads to change.  Consider keeping a clock near your sink to develop the sense of how long 20 seconds of hand-washing really takes or create a routine of putting on your mask before you head out the door.  

  • Keep necessary items handy – Stash a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse, pocket or on your keychain so you have a way to clean your hands when you are out and about. Create a designated place to store your mask. 

As the CDC points out, pandemics can be stressful. The CDC outlines signs of stress, ways to manage stress, and resources to get immediate help in a crisis. Some healthy ways to manage stress include:

  • Take breaks from the news – While it may seem counterintuitive, a break from the daily barrage of news is a healthy way to de-stress particularly if you find news upsetting.

  • Practice wellness – Eat healthy, well-balanced meals, get plenty of sleep, and exercise.  

  • Connect with your community – Villages provide a number of ways to connect with others.  Engage in one of our fun programs, nurture your mind and body at our Gentle Yoga class, or make a friendly connection with a Village volunteer through our buddy program.

We will be living with the pandemic for a while. As Psychologist Carissa Parrish points out, “adapting to life with the Coronavirus is possible”.  Fortunately, Villages are here to provide a network of support to keep our members and community connected and engaged. 


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