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Member Profile: Sandy Laurie

In 2020, Sandy Laurie moved from her home in Olney, MD to an apartment on Calvert Street in Woodley Park. She was eager to take advantage of the cultural, social and outdoor opportunities available in DC.

For some people, beginning this new life at the same time a pandemic was spilling across the city would have been depressing, but Sandy soon found wonderful walks in the city and parks. Then she received a card describing our Village. She thought being part of the Village would be a great way to meet people and learn more about our neighborhoods and soon signed up as a member. "I'm thrilled to be in DC and part of the Cleveland & Woodley Park Village. I've already learned so much," she told me.

Sandy has become a regular member of the Village Walkers who meet Saturday mornings outside of the Wisconsin Avenue Giant. She already learned a lot from these new friends about her new neighborhood. She's eager to volunteer once it's safe to be with people in person. As a retired teacher, she would like to read with someone, or volunteer at nearby Oyster School. She has learned about volunteer opportunities at the Zoo from walking group regular Robbie Cronin, and may try that.

Elizabeth Fox is a Village founder, member and volunteer.



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