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  • Beth Lindley

Meet Kevin Finneran

Little did Kevin Finneran realize, when he retired in 2020 and set a goal of improving his tennis game, he would also become a volunteer for the Cleveland & Woodley Park Village. Coincidentally, a friend in Kevin’s round-robin tennis group serves on the Board of Directors for the Village. One conversation led to another, and Kevin decided to explore volunteering.

Now, Kevin is a volunteer driver for Village members. “I have the time, and I enjoy it,” he explained. “The people I’ve met have had very interesting lives. I even met one of the first female chemical engineers, a pioneer in her field. I always enjoy the conversations, which makes driving no work at all.”

Kevin, 72, was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. He earned degrees at Villanova University and at Rutgers University. In 1980, Kevin moved to Washington DC, where he worked and earned a second graduate degree, in Science Policy, at George Washington University. His career focus was environmental issues, and he became a science writer and editor. Eventually, Kevin worked for the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine where he edited a science policy magazine.

Kevin and his wife Kathy Courrier live in Massachusetts Avenue Heights, close to Santa Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral. They have two adult children.

Beth Lindley is a Village volunteer



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