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From Frank ... spring has me thinking gardens.

Perhaps it’s the additional sunlight with the turning of the clocks, the emergence of the cherry blossoms in sunny locations, or the tulip leaves making their entrance, but spring seems to be on its way. Although summer is my favorite season, spring has me giddy with anticipation for what’s coming (and I grew up here so I don’t really mind the humidity.)

One of the things I’m looking forward to is my garden. A year ago, my husband built 9 raised garden beds and we enjoyed vegetables of all sorts, including enough tomatoes to can, as you might recall from a previous column. Soon he’ll be heading to Greenland for a two-year solo tour (as a diplomat) and gardening responsibilities will fall entirely to me. Anyone want to adopt a raised bed in my backyard? I’d love to have a Village Victory Garden of sorts!

Calling Village Gardeners

The notion of a Village Victory Garden, got me curious about the history. Although they primarily were a source of food for families coping with war time shortages, they also were seen as a sign of patriotism and a boost for home front morale. Those at home could do their part by growing vegetables and share their tips, techniques, and eventual produce with neighbors.

After a rough two years of fighting the pandemic, maybe a victory garden is just what we need to boost our spirits. If you’re interested in having a spot in our Village garden, just send me an email. The soil has been amended, there’s an abundance of water thanks to 7 rain barrels, and even plenty of seeds to be planted. All that’s needed is you!

Rest assured though, if gardening isn’t your thing that we’ll have plenty of other activities from which to choose. In fact, we’re so curious in what interests our members that we’ll be trying out a few new things (that’s a teaser, stay tuned for details) and also sending a specific email asking for your thoughts and ideas.

A New Addition to our Staff

Finally, I want to welcome Tahera Atbin to our Village staff. Tahera will work part-time with us providing much needed administrative support. A native of Afghanistan, who previously worked at our embassy in Kabul, Tahera brings a wealth of experience to our team. Please give her a warm welcome as part of our Village community.

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village



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