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From Frank ... | Jan 22

Vaccines and appointment-making have dominated this week’s activities!

I know that some people are still trying to book appointments, so the work isn’t over until everyone that wants a vaccine is able to get one. We will continue to alert our newsletter subscribers when we hear of appointment availability.

I understand how frustrating some of the appointment websites are and share your pain, but know that improvements are being made and we're also lucky that the vaccines are actually being distributed. If you need assistance, call the Village office!

From a personal perspective, it was quite emotional for me when I was able to secure an appointment for my dear mother. In my big Italian family, it was never a sign of weakness for a man to cry, so I will freely tell you that I shed tears both when I made my mother’s appointment and when she received it! For me, and perhaps others, I hadn’t realized the stress that I’d been feeling trying to keep my mother safe during this pandemic.

This week I was especially moved by the peaceful transfer of power and the inaugural poet, Amanda Gorman. Her poem "The Hill We Climb", is included below and it seemed like a natural pick for Claire’s poetry corner! Rereading it only led to more tears this week because I am filled with hope – hope from the vaccinations of older adults and hope that I get to experience every day when I see neighbors helping neighbors.

Over the last 9 years, many people have been involved in creating this Village community. They’ve done outstanding work. Today, I’m asking those that aren’t yet a member if you’d like to join us as a Member or a Member Plus. You can find more information about membership here.

Of course, we’re always looking for new volunteer assistance to help us fulfill our mission, including from existing members! Would you like to drive members to medical appointments? Serve on a committee or do administrative work remotely? If interested, in any or all, of these volunteer roles, please send me an email because your community needs you!

Hope to hear from new members and volunteers soon!

Happy weekend everyone.


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