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Support the Village on Nov 30: Giving Tuesday!

Around the globe, people come together on Giving Tuesday to give their voices, time, money, goods, and more to support communities and causes. We hope you will consider lending us your support this year on Giving Tuesday (November 30) by making a donation to the Village.

Easy ways to donate to Cleveland & Woodley Park Village:

1. Donate online via our website and pay by credit card or PayPal.

2. Mail a check to:

Cleveland & Woodley Park Village

PO Box 11231

Washington, DC 20008

3. Call the office at 202-615-5853 and donate with your credit card.

4. Submit a bank transfer via Zelle using or our phone number, 202-615-5853.

5. Give using your donor advised fund: Contact the administrator of your fund and recommend grants to Cleveland & Woodley Park Village.​


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