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Revised Village COVID Policy

As we head into Fall, the Village has updated its COVID Reopen Policy.

The chart below displays our general policy on group events as of October 1, 2022. This is based on the requirement that all members and volunteers have the bivalent vaccination in order to participate in events or to deliver/receive services.

We believe this policy is appropriately responsive to the current low level of community spread in DC and represents a good alignment between our desire we all share for increased social contact and our commitment to the safety of the CWPV community. (Please note some important caveats in the points outlined below the chart.)

  • Proof of vaccination need not be shown as the honor system will be used.

  • Masks are required by all volunteers and members when riding in a vehicle or in any indoor space. This is not only to reduce any potential risk but also a means of demonstrating our value of showing care and kindness to others.

  • Where the Village is co-sponsoring an event in a space, such as the public library, that is not our space and where masks are not required by the host, the Village strongly encourages our members to wear masks and to be as socially distant as is feasible.


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