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From Frank ... Village Thanksgiving plans in full swing

A week ago, I was in short sleeves enjoying a 70-degree Saturday afternoon. So forgive me if I’m a little surprised that Thanksgiving is now just around the corner. What a reminder that the fluctuating thermometer doesn’t stop the calendar pages from turning.

But now in full Thanksgiving mode, my mind races back five decades to the many family traditions that marked the holiday. Holiday food was a big one. Bowls of nuts – in their shells – with nut crackers in the living room for guests was a sure sign of the season. Cranberry juice was another, served in what seemed like an enormous glass jug. And tangerines – which I only recall in our house over the holiday – were hugely popular with my sisters and me.

But what I loved most was the activity, the bustle. The many people who came to our home, some for dinner, but many just to stop by to chat. No one telephoned ahead, so we raced to the door when we heard a knock to see who was taking time from their own family holiday to be with us. I'm excited that the Village will honor a version of both these traditions this year.

Two options for your Thanksgiving meal.

  • Get your Thanksgiving meal delivered!. Our volunteers will be busy preparing a homecooked Thanksgiving meal, which will be delivered on Thursday morning, to any Village member who would like one. If this gets activates your tastebuds, and you’ve not already signed up, please email us immediately.


  • Join us for a Thanksgiving lunch at Lillies. If you’d rather eat family style, join us at Lillies restaurant on Connecticut Avenue, just South of the zoo, at 1pm. We’ll be enjoying a Thanksgiving meal in a private room. The cost of the traditional meal is $42, plus beverages, tax, and tip. We have plenty of room, and as an added bonus we’ll be joined by a few members from Northwest Neighbors Village. To be Covid safe, this event is only open to members who have had the Covid bivalent vaccine and who take a rapid COVID antigen test that morning.

If either sound fun and you haven’t already signed up, email us right now at We’d love to add you to our list. And, of course, if cost is an issue, contact me directly at or call at 202-655-1258.

Help me with my Thanksgiving Video Greeting.

Here’s a newer tradition I plan to continue. I will be sharing a video greeting on Thanksgiving to all of you as I’ve done in past years. But what will really make that special is to share a bit about what each of you are thankful for this year. So please be in touch and I will include your thoughts in my message.

The Village Auction is still live.

And lastly (but very importantly) The Village online auction closes on Sunday at 11:59 pm! There are many great items to bid on – getaways, art, theatre and concert tickets, restaurant and local business gift certificates, home repair and organizing services, and unique gifts of all sorts! This is a terrific way to support the Village and treat yourself or a loved one to something truly special. Happy bidding!

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village.



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