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From Frank ... finding my happy place.

Maybe it's the season, but I think many of us right now are looking for our happy place. For me, my little kitchen window garden makes me ridiculously happy. The bright blooms of the Primrose, Phalaenopsis Orchid, African Violets, Hyacinth, and Kalanchoe each add to the colorful display. So even on the most dreary February days, my little oasis brightens my day and reminds me spring is around the corner. I know I’m not alone. Just this week I went to a member’s home and was tickled as she excitedly pointed out that several clumps of Jonquils were coming up in her magnificent garden.

Looking Forward to March

Celebrating Women's History Month. I was raised by a single mother and six older sisters, so you can guess that I feel strongly about honoring and celebrating women. Within our Village, several women were instrumental in our founding, leading the charge to identify and justify the need and working tirelessly to help create it. These hard-working women during our first year included Elizabeth Fox, Jean Gorman, Carolyn Morrissey, Barbara Munday, Susan O’Sullivan, Jinny Stern, Barbara Stevens, Susie Taylor, and Mary Worstell. We’re so grateful to them for their vision, fortitude, and dedication.

This month we launch several new initiatives for members.

  • Stronger Memory Program,

  • A series on Technology and Aging,

  • A Gratitude session,

  • A virtual program on staying safe online,

  • A walking tour of the historical call boxes in Cleveland Park.

  • We will also have a special volunteer orientation just for Village members who would like to get involved as volunteers to either assist other members, work in the office, or serve on a committee.

  • Finally, we will host a virtual session for individuals interested in membership to learn more about the Village, what we do, and the types of memberships that we offer.

See the calendar of events for complete details and to register for these new programs as well as our usual (yoga, stretching, Tuesday Talk, book clubs, French conversation, and coffee & conversation) programs!

Just as my inside flowers garden helps keep me upbeat and happy during the winter, it’s also helpful to always have something to which I can look forward to doing. Maybe you will find your happy place in the growing list of Village experiences. I’d love to see many people at our many upcoming events!

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village


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