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From Frank ... Fall is Vaccine Season

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Fall was in the air last night as I took a humidity free and just slightly chilly walk with my dog, Lucy. It felt like change. Saying goodbye to summer is always sad, but I welcome autumn as a time to make new commitments and plans.

Topping my fall planning list? Vaccination. I know, we’re all tired of this topic. But two new developments mean we need to avoid letting down our guard. This fall health experts are predicting a new variant of COVID and have prepared a vaccine specially formulated to fight it. It’s called BA.5 and is currently the dominant strain in the United States.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Wollensky has encouraged us all to prioritize this new vaccine and you can watch her discussion here to understand more.

If you have questions about timing, the CDC has provided a tool to help you to determine when you should get your booster. Generally, they recommend to wait at least 2 months after either your 2nd initial dose or 2 months after the last booster. And either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna will work.

The other big concern this fall – the flu. We didn’t hear much about the flu during the intensive COVID isolation period, but now that we’re out of our homes and being more social all signs point to a reemergence in 2022. Southern hemisphere nations like Australia have experienced a worse than usual flu season which is a good indicator of what we can expect.

So while you’re thinking about getting your booster – schedule a time for the flu vaccine too. I’m planning to check both off my list.

Booster and Vaccine Opportunities are Plentiful
  • Ward 3 Covid Center. In addition to local pharmacies, DC also has COVID Centers in each ward to get the COVID booster. Ward 3’s center is located at 5335 Wisconsin Avenue and is open daily, except Tuesdays. The Village will assist Members Plus with transportation to the Center, you can call or email the Village office to make arrangements.

  • Home Vaccination. If you have difficulty leaving your home, call 1-855-363-0333 and DC Health will come to you. I scheduled them to vaccinate my mother at home and it couldn’t have been easier. They are also vaccinating her for the flu at the same time.

  • October 6 Village Vaccine Clinic. The Village will be hosting an outdoor vaccine clinic on October 6 where you can receive COVID boosters, pneumonia, shingles, and the seasonal flu vaccine. Details will be announced early next week.

To those celebrating Rosh Hashana beginning this week, Shana Tova. May you enjoy a good, sweet, and healthy New Year.

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village



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