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From Frank ... a man on a mission

You might say that I’m a man on a mission. My Village colleagues know this, but I’d like to share. My mission is to change the prevailing mindset about the Village.

Over 10 years our focus has expanded. What started as a kitchen table idea to help older neighbors live independently in their own homes by providing day to day assistance has evolved. Our original goal remains but today providing older neighbors with opportunities to connect to our neighborhood community is an equal focus of the Village.

But not enough of our older neighbors are aware. When I speak with them, I often hear “It’s a great organization, but I’m not ready yet.” What they mean is “it’s a great idea for someone who needs the help, but I don’t (yet).”

I get it. But I worry that mindset is preventing too many people from enjoying the opportunities that the Village offers every week. Opportunities like the Hollertown concert at Rosedale tomorrow from 4-6pm or Lunch Bunch next Wednesday at Chef Geoff’s on New Mexico Avenue. We’re an active and fun neighborhood group and there’s always room at our table!

So that’s my mission – and I could use your help. Please talk up the Village to your friends and neighbors – and explain the many social opportunities that come from being part of our community. I will stay on focus, but I know I’ll be more successful with your help spreading the word.

A Successful Village Vaccine Clinic

I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday at our outdoor vaccine clinic. The perfect weather helped turn out a good crowd to get vaccines, including, perhaps most importantly this year, the bivalent COVID booster and seasonal flu shots. Many thanks to the Broadmoor Cooperative for providing the space for the clinic and to Grand Oaks Assisted Living for sponsoring the event.

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village



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