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From Claire ...

I hope everyone has been enjoying these first few days of Spring and the warmer weather that has come with it! Frank is off to Portugal for the next week so I will be filling in for his usual column while he’s away.

Along with the usual April showers we have several exciting upcoming activities next month:

Coming in April

  • Caregiving Discussion. On Friday, April 14 at noon we will host a zoom program about the challenges of caregiving based on Because She’s My Mother, a poignant yet humorous play about an adult daughter’s bittersweet journey to care for both her aging mother and herself. The program will be facilitated by the playwright, Paula Stone, who will discuss the issues facing the caregiver as well as the care recipient and how to navigate each of these roles with more wisdom and compassion. You can register for the event here.

  • Tuesday Talk. On Tuesday, April 18 at 7:00 pm we will have the Tuesday Talk: The Friday Morning Music Club with Leslie Luxemburg. Cleveland Park resident Leslie Luxemburg will present an introduction to The Friday Morning Music Club, founded in 1886. The club is dedicated to presenting classical music, and not just on Fridays. It supports a full orchestra, a chorale, a composer’s group, at-home music groups, and outreach programs to retirement and nursing homes. The Club was one of 5 organizations/individuals to give $5,000 to found the National Symphony Orchestra in 1931. Reserve your spot soon! Register here.

If you are interested in helping the Village come up with and plan new activities, join in on the Village Program Team’s next meeting on Monday, April 10 at noon! We want to hear your ideas. Sign up here.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Claire Thompson is Assistant Director of the Village


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