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Learn, Meet, Enjoy

Learn About Membership

Make a Difference

Learn, Meet, Enjoy

Learn About Membership

Make a Difference


The Village is grateful for our many sponsors whose financial support helps pay for staff, administrative support, our office, members scholarships, as well as underwriting costs of some events. We appreciate your support!

Our Sustaining Donors

Thank you to our Sustaining Donors for the ongoing support that helps make our mission possible.


Roberta and Philip Cronin

Miriam Cutler

Joan Dailey

Ruth Ellis

Ruth Faden & Tom Beauchamp

Tom & Elizabeth Fox

Paul Frick & Martha Coven

Bryon Fusini

Anne Keiser & Doug Lapp

Betsy Lamond

Jeffery Lofton & Erich Parker

Melissa Moye

Susan Nalle

Louisa & Bill Newlin

Joe Oppenheimer & Edie Fraser

Harriet Rogers

Jinny and Bob Stern

Barbara Stevens & Rufus King

Marjorie Dick Stuart

Carla Saenz & John Tisdale

David Shulenburger & Carol Prentice

John Wiecking

Nancy Wiecking

Margot Wilson

Pat and Bob Wittie

Mary Worstell

7 Ways to Financially Support the Village

Learn about these options for supporting the Village that may have important tax benefits. Consult your financial planner.

1. Make a gift of publicly traded appreciated stock.

2. Name the Village as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401K, or other qualified retirement plan.

3. Designate the Village to receive direct distributions from your IRA to meet your required minimum distribution, if you are 70 1/2 or older.

4. Name the Village as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

5. Consider funding a Charitable Remainder Trust that will provide the Village with funds after your death (or the death of your surviving spouse) but provide income tax benefits now.

6. Consider funding a Charitable Lead Trust, which will allow the Village to receive income from stock or other assets for a defined period, after which the trust assets are distributed to your family or other beneficiaries of the trust.

7. Consider contributing to the Village through a donor advised fund that you may establish with the Greater Washington Community Foundation or any other entity that administers such funds.


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