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Vaccine Registration & Updated Prioritization

Vaccine Registration Information

The District has launched a website to register for the COVID-19 vaccine. You can click here to get to the site.

Once on the site:

1. scroll to the bottom to the blue link that says: "Proceed to COVID-19 Questionnaire"

2. Click the link and enter your information.

Just above that link, the site now says, "Please Note: This system is currently open only for healthcare providers. You MUST provide verification of your eligibility at the time of your vaccination." Despite this warning, if you click the blue link to "Proceed to COVID-19 questionnaire" the first question that you will be asked after typing in a code is if you are a healthcare professional. If you select No, you can still proceed to enter your information.

3. You will receive an email that your group is not currently being vaccinated, but you will be notified when you are to be scheduled. There is no harm in registering early.

Updated Vaccine Prioritization

DC Heath has updated the COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization Guidance. Previously, Phase 1B included all individuals 65 and older. In the updated guidance, Phase 1B is limited to "DC residents who are 75 years and older and District of Columbia residents in Intermediate Care Facilities, Group Homes, or other higher risk congregate settings." Phase 1C is includes DC residents "who are 65 years and older and residents with high risk medical conditions."



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