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Update to Village Indoor Covid-19 Policy

Due to the surge in COVID cases in our area, Cleveland & Woodley Park Villageis updating our policy regarding indoor gatherings where one cannot wear a mask due to eating or drinking. In addition to limiting the number of indoor participants to 12 fully vaccinated and boosted individuals, we ask that all participants also take an at-home COVID antigen test just prior to the indoor event where people will be eating or drinking.

Although a negative antigen test is not a guarantee that someone isn't infectious, and it is therefore still possible to contract COVID at gatherings were everybody has a negative antigen test, testing is an additional measure to minimize the risk of infection.

To find out more about antigen tests, please visit the DC Coronavirus website. To receive an antigen kit, please visit your local library, DC COVID Testing Center, or call the Village office at 202-615-5853 as we have a limited supply of antigen tests. You can also order free antigen tests to be sent by mail at


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