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Tuesday Talks - Beyond Crises: Overcoming Linguistic Inequities in Communities and Classrooms

April 19 at 7:00 PM

In her new best-selling book, Beyond Crises: Overcoming Linguistic and Cultural Inequities in Communities and Classrooms, educator Margarita Calderón argues that strong community partnerships are essential to re-envision how English is taught today. She will describe a lively re-invention of learning English created through networks of families, teachers, and administrators and tell compelling student stories and anecdotes that convey how education can be reimagined for English learners, including the recent influx of Afghan refugees. Hers is an unapologetic call for action to overturn past inequities and create a vibrant learning community that will benefit all.

She will be in conversation with cultural historian Amy Henderson.As Historian of the National Portrait Gallery, Amy wrote books and curated exhibitions on broadcasting, Broadway, Hollywood, and dance. She continues to write reviews and essays, notably for ARTES MAGAZINE.

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