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Frank's Weekly Note | Nov 21

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

One of our nonagenarian community members recently fell and broke her arm making it difficult to prepare food. I think I’ve told you that my mother, after cooking for seven children for so many years, is more than happy to have me now cook for her. I’m happy to do so her because it’s a hobby and stress-reliever of mine, but I always enlist my mother’s help when making meatballs (she’s a great roller) and egg or tuna salad. So, earlier this week, I enlisted mom’s help in making egg salad for a quick lunch for the neighbor who recently broke her arm.

My mother, as you might imagine, taught me a lot about the responsibility we have towards others so I wasn’t surprised by her willingness to help make the neighbor a lunch. What surprised me, beyond her referring to the neighbor as “older” when Mom will be 90 next month, was her apparent delight in helping someone. Some have described the rush of endorphins that we get when we help others as a “helping high” similar to that which exercise produces.

Some have described the rush of endorphins that we get when we help others as a “helping high” similar to that which exercise produces.

Perhaps this is why I’ve heard from so many volunteers about how working with the village members enriches their own lives. To that point, I can remember filming a segment for our Summer Spritz with Joan Dailey (board member, member, and volunteer) and she said, “Volunteering just makes me feel good!” Most everyone wants to contribute - not only to make a difference for someone else, but also because it makes us feel better somehow.

With this in mind, the colder months just upon us, and the needs of our neighbors throughout the city, I’m asking you to join me in going through your closets and donating some winter clothing to Martha’s Table. Their immediate needs include winter coats, thermals, winter/thick socks, winter scarves and hates, and thick sweaters or sweat shirts. We’ll have a volunteer come pick up your clean items to donate!

So please join me in rustling through your closets and drawers and let’s together warm sone else’s body and hearts. Simply send an email to the office or call us on 202-615-5853. In the next few weeks we’ll arrange for a volunteer to pick up and deliver your donations.

Finally, I hope that each of you has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Please see the below articles about ordering or requesting a Thanksgiving meal and keeping keep safe when making plans for the day. I also help you’ll join us our 4pm Zoom gathering on Thanksgiving Day. Click here for the Zoom link. Be safe and let’s talk in person on Thursday!


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