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Meet Village Volunteer Terry McDonald

Village Volunteer Terry McDonald is no stranger to hard work, worldwide fun, and being there for her friends and neighbors.

For 25 years, she prosecuted anti-trust and white collar fraud with the Department of Justice here in DC. A long-time resident of Mt. Pleasant and now Woodley Park, she and Chuck, her partner of 40 years, have three children and 7 grandchildren. Terry loves adventure travel and has camped across southern Africa, in Patagonia, and even hiked in the Saraha. Terry embodies the spirit of voluntarism.

In addition to her Village work, she has engaged in environmental volunteerism and has been very active in the cultural arts, having volunteered with and been on the board of the IN Series, an innovative music, theater, and dance collaborative. An avid gardener, Terry claims to “weed for fun,” which has come in handy as a Village volunteer.

“I really enjoy getting to know Village members on a one-to-one basis as I drive them to appointments or conduct friendly visitor calls.” Terry now counts as friends the members she regularly calls. “I like that the Village has widened my involvement with friends and neighbors.” Thanks, Terry, for helping the Village build community and be there for each other!



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