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Meet Village Member Jane Kinsman

Jane Kinsman originally hails from the mid-west where she graduated from Michigan State with degrees in French and mathematics. She taught math for four years in Australia, and then came to DC during the bicentennial. Jane found engaging work as a writer at consulting firms before landing at the National Headquarters for the American Red Cross.

"I had no idea what I might face as a ‘solo senior’.”

A resident of Woodley Park since 1978, Jane is grateful for a neighbor who told her about the Village in 2014. Jane thought it was a good idea to explore because: "I had no idea what I might face as a ‘solo senior’.” She took advantage of Village activities and services during the pandemic, including food deliveries, "The two wonderful volunteers who visited me before the pandemic have stayed in touch with me, even though one moved to Florida."

The Village was a source of other valuable help and kindnesses, including transportation to medical appointments, friendly calls and homemade soup! The Covid impact has helped Jane realize that building and keeping up a “social life” is very important after retirement. She said it helps ease a sense of anxiety when life is hard. Her ties with the Village through her new friends, the kind staff and the informative newsletter mean a lot. And now, if the pandemic truly wanes, she’ll try some new activities, maybe walking or lunches with others or sharing her hobby of photography.

Elizabeth Fox is a Village member and volunteer


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