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From Frank ... six more weeks of winter :(

We've entered the winter doldrums, and if you're like me you're hunkering down awaiting the promise of warmer and longer days to come. I'm disappointed that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and so predicts another six weeks of winter. One thing that has warmed my heart is the amazing response the Village received to its end-of-year fundraising appeal. Thank you all for your generosity! This year we heard from 148 neighbors and supporters who donated nearly $27,000! We are so very grateful for your support.

Weekly COVID Update

Good news this week: the COVID case numbers in the District decreasing. The daily case rate is near 250 people per day testing positive, compared to 2,500 per day a month ago - a ten fold decline.

This is real progress but given the low number of older adults that have received their booster (around 30% in DC), now is not the time to let down our guard. As this article points out, the CDC reminds us that "Protection against infection and hospitalization with the omicron variant is highest for those who are up-to-date on their vaccination, meaning those who are boosted when they are eligible."

Don't forget:

  • Wear your mask. Remain vigilant by wearing a mask and maintaining social distance.

  • Vaccine scheduling help available. If you need assistance to schedule or get to a vaccine appointment, please contact the Village office at 202-615-5853 or send an email to

  • We have a tests. The Village has 60 rapid antigen test kits for anyone that would like them. Just give us a call and we’ll figure out logistics for pick-up or delivery.

Just a reminder, proof of vaccination for members, volunteers, and staff is required for any indoor services provided, including riding in a vehicle. Proof of the vaccination and booster only needs to be provided once. We hope to be able to gather inside again in the not-too-distant future, so please get boosted and provide proof of vaccination now so that you’ll be ready to gather again with us when we are able.

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village



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