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From Frank ... Singing the praises of our Village Supporters

The success of the Village is owed entirely to the support we derive from our neighborhood. The concerts, lunches, museum trips, book clubs, member support, transportation – is all possible because people in our community raise a hand with an offer to help.

Today I want to thank one group in particular, our financial supporters. These individuals, organizations, and businesses – many who are local - have raised their hand to provide the financial support that allows the Village to fulfill our mission.

Membership dues are an important part of our finances, but they are not enough to fully cover our operating expenses. We rely on donors, sponsors, and grants to fill in the gaps so we can provide programming and carry out the many behind the scenes functions that keep the machinery of the Village operating. This includes matching volunteers with members’ needs, vetting and training volunteers, developing and sending this weekly newsletter, and planning social, educational, and wellness activities.

Another important benefit of our supporters is that we are able to keep membership fees as affordable as possible and to offer membership subsidies. We are pleased that we’ve not raised the cost of a membership in more than five years. We are also able to offer subsidized memberships for those with limited means. Currently, 25% of our Members Plus who receive direct services, receive a subsidy. The support of sponsors helps us keep our commitment that all older adults that need assistance should receive it.

So for all these reasons (and more), we say thank you. We couldn’t do this important work without your continued support. You can see the complete list of sponsors on our website at

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village

P.S. Sunday is Father’s Day. Unfortunately, I missed acknowledging Mother’s Day in May. I want to thank all of the mothers and fathers, and those that served as role models to a younger generation, for all that you’ve done for others.


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