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From Frank... reporting in on my New Year's resolution

Last week I shared that I had committed to self-care as my New Year’s Resolution. There is little that lifts my spirits as much as time spent with dear friends – so making time to reconnect is high on my priority list.

Last weekend I scheduled an outside meal with my dear friend and colleague from decades ago, Debby. Although we may go months between visits, there’s an ease and a comfort to our friendship that transcends the gaps. One time as we walked together into a conference room the elastic on her half-slip (under her dress) broke and it fell to the floor. We were both a bit stunned, but she calmly picked it up (like it was an everyday occurrence) and asked, “What do I do with this?” I quickly replied, “I have no idea, that doesn’t happen to me every day!” Thirty plus years later we are still laughing about that episode.

With Debby, I know that whatever I need, she’s there for me, no questions asked. She’s my one phone call if I ever need to post bail. So, a shared meal outside at a restaurant on an unseasonably warm Saturday in January followed by a tour of the gardens at Hillwood Estate really nourished my soul.

So … 2023 New Year’s resolution – so far so good.

Let the Village Lift You

The importance of time spent with friends cannot be overstated. It’s something we strive to create at the Village through the many social opportunities on our calendar. Events like Lunch Bunch – which most recently occurred thanks to Sandy Rubin who hosted us in her apartment building’s party room. We brought in soup, sandwiches, and salad and I could tell it turned an otherwise grey Wednesday in January into a warm afternoon. Many thanks to Sandy, by the way, for organizing it.

I like to think that in the Village we’re creating the type of community where acquaintances are plentiful, and friendships take root. But we could use your help as we build our program for 2023. I’d like to ask you to email me ( if you:

  • Know a friend or neighbor that might enjoy membership in the Village. I can reach out to them via phone or email and explain who we are and how things work.

  • Are willing to host an event in your building or home. This might be a “social hour” for members or perhaps an informal informational session for prospective members. We limit these gatherings to a maximum of 15 people due to COVID.

  • Serve on our Programs Committee which will meet roughly once a month to advise on additional activities we might undertake and help plan some of these activities. We want our roster of programs to be member-driven.

  • Wish to become a volunteer specifically trained to visit those with cognitive impairments or dementia of some sort.

These are our current needs for volunteers, and remember many members are also volunteers.

We want to grow our membership, increase the number and type of programs that we offer, and reduce social isolation, especially of those with dementia. Will you help be a part of these important initiatives? If so, please let me hear from you!

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village


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