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From Frank ... Nov 5

If the truth be told, I’ve never really been all that great at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Recently, however, I’ve found success in achieving my goals when I commit to small, daily activities. For example, I’ve long wanted to regain my Spanish proficiency that I lost when I returned from living in Mexico. I’ve found an app on my phone that is quite engaging so now each morning I spend just 15 minutes a day practicing and find that I really enjoy it. I’ve also had similar luck with weight loss. I used an app on my phone and spent just 15 minutes a day learning about nutrition, the psychology of eating, and how to stick to my goals.

I think there were two factors to my success in each endeavor. First, I was motivated to want to accomplish something better for myself. Second, and perhaps most importantly, I was able to undertake those small, daily actions that seemed manageable and not so overwhelming.

Two Ideas to Fight Social Isolation

Given the change in the weather, fading light, and continuation of what seems like the never-ending pandemic, I will say that I’m concerned about social isolation of some. Loneliness and social isolation has been shown to be linked to other health risks. For those that might be at lonely or isolated, or just don’t feel right somehow, I’m challenging you to try my approach of doing just one small thing, preferably daily, to make a lasting impact. \

1. Participate in a Village Activity. Join one of our online groups (yoga, stretching, coffee and conversation, Tuesday Talks, etc.) or attend a Village walk on Saturday mornings. Or maybe a a cultural outing or a book group is more your preference. All members are welcome!

2. Use the new Village Member Directory to Connect. Next week our membership directories will be printed and made available! You’ll be receiving details shortly about where and when these will be ready for pick up or we’ll deliver them to you. You might use the directory to call someone with whom you’ve engaged with at a previous event. Just have a chat and brighten someone’s day in addition to your own.

These are small but potentially important steps that are easy, fun, and perhaps life changing. This incremental approach worked for me! The words of our late-member Ruth Merryman ring in my ear “I don’t know what I’d do without the Village.” I think it’s fair to say that Village’s social opportunities buoy many members, as they did for our dear Ruth.

So, what one step will you take today to make a difference in your life or that of someone else?

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village



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