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From Frank ... | Feb 12

Happy early Valentine’s Day to everyone!

If you’re a Member Plus, you should check your front porch or front desk for a little something special from “Your Village.”

Earlier this week, a neighborhood family reached out to me and asked if they could donate some Valentines their young children made. Just when I was done tearing up because of this one family’s generosity, I got a call that one of our members, Karen, would also make some artistic Valentines. Then, another member, Carolyn, volunteered to write Valentines. Finally, volunteers Molly and Terry agreed to do the same and drop off the goodie bags to our Members Plus. What’s great about all of this is that it epitomizes our motto. We are “neighbors helping neighbors!”

This photo might warm your heart. It warmed mine. Father and son neighbors delivering homemade Valentines to our members.

The essence of a community, in my humble opinion, is that we work together to help one another. Now, I’m asking YOU to help our Village in some of the following specific ways:

  • Volunteer drivers to take members to vaccine and other medical appointments. Helping our members get to medical appointments is our number one request and it’s so much more than just being a driver. As a trusted volunteer, you put the member at ease, help them in and out of the car, and ensure that they make it to their appointment safely. You also provide a friendly social visit while driving the member. We’ve received many wonderful reports about how this informal banter is touching for both the member and the volunteer! Finally, if you’ve received both vaccines and can now volunteer to take others, this is a terrific opportunity to give back.

  • Be a Member Check-in Caller! We are seeking volunteers to provide friendly check-in calls to our members.

  • Serve on our Volunteer Committee. We need help to make our Volunteer Team stronger. Volunteer committee members provide orientation training for new volunteers via Zoom, contact inactive volunteers to see if they’d like to re-engage, help with volunteer recruitment, organize a “service of the month”, convene volunteer events, and more. Now, more than ever, this is an urgent need!

  • Provide remote administrative help for the Village staff. Help us keep accurate records and develop reports, such as who attends which events. Ideally, it would be great if 1 or 2 people could volunteer for a few hours a week.

  • Serve as a Village ambassador for your building! Do you live in an apartment, co-op, or condo building? You can be a building coordinator, helping put up posters about our upcoming events, such as Tuesday Talks or Summer Spritz, or hold a virtual info session about the Village for your specific building. We’ll give you all the materials and help that you need, but we know that you know your building and neighbors best!

  • Refer a friend to be a volunteer or a member. Our existing volunteers and members are our best representatives! Remember that if you are a member, you can also be a volunteer!

If you have a special skill, such as knitting or genealogy, that our members would enjoy, we would like to hear from you. We’re always looking for new ideas and are available to help you implement them! To get started, just send me an email and I promise that it will be a rewarding experience!

What could be better than helping a neighbor?




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