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From Frank ... Dec 10

The Village End of Year Giving Campaign is Underway

With the holiday season upon us it is time to officially launch the Village’s annual year-end giving campaign! Your donations help support the wonderful work our volunteers do all year long. Donations can be made by check, credit card, or online bank transfer. You can find detailed information about how to give here.

One thing I know for sure about the Woodley and Cleveland Park community, and what brought me here twenty years ago, is that this neighborhood thrives because all residents are valued. As Executive Director of the Village I am fortunate to witness the spirit of inclusiveness at work through the financial support we receive each year from all of you and from the amazing work of our volunteers.

COVID has made the Village’s work particularly vital this year. Thanks to your support, Village members have enjoyed safe social and educational opportunities, grocery pick-up, holiday meal delivery, tech tutoring, and rides to medical appointments (just to name a few). And for the second year, Village volunteers provided a Thanksgiving meal to every member who wanted one … a home cooked meal made with love as the special ingredient.

Although we are a membership organization, dues cover only one-third of our operating budget. To organize and deliver a long list of services we must raise funds every year. We receive grants from the city, faith communities, foundations, and others. But individual donations are most important. We hope that as you plan your end of year giving you will keep the Village foremost in mind.

Individual donations are most important. We hope that as you plan your end of year giving you will keep the Village foremost in mind.

Many Ways to Give

There are many ways to give, and while a direct donation is certainly easy, we also work with supporters who would like to arrange long-term donation plans. These might include:

· gifts of publicly traded stock,

· distribution from a retirement account,

· contribution through a workplace giving program or donor advised fund.

· Legacy gifts are also possible, and you can name the Village as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401K, or other qualified retirement plan.

· You can also designate the Village as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or bank/brokerage account, or list us in your will or trust.

· You might also fund a charitable remainder trust that will provide the Village with funds after your death (or the death of your surviving spouse) but provide income tax benefits now.

Thank you. Remember, in addition to sharing your treasure there are always opportunities to share your time and talent as a volunteer. Join us in some way and make a difference in our neighborhood!

Note: The Village is a registered 501c3 charitable organization.

The Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act changes the charitable deduction rules for 2021: non-itemizers can now deduct up to $300 in charitable giving for an individual or $600 for married couples. That means that even if you take the standard deduction, your charitable donation today will allow you to deduct up to $600 when you file your 2021 taxes next year!


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