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From Frank ... Check out the new Resource Directory

My journey into the field of aging began in 2008 when I helped to take care of my dear Aunt Catherine as she began to show signs of dementia. She forgot appointments, got lost driving, limited herself to listening to only one singer, forgot how to use the TV remote, and couldn’t determine when food was spoiled. All of us that loved her were afraid and frantic to learn all we could.

I remember in those early days scouring the web and talking to anyone who could help me navigate new waters for information and resources that would make me a better advocate for my aunt.

This search for answers, information, and assistance may sound familiar to many of you. A request I hear regularly from Village members is for a central place to get information … information on assistance, government services, or businesses for essential chores. Until now our attempts to address this recurring request have been incomplete.

Announcing the new Village Resource Directory

But today the Village is publishing our comprehensive Village Resource and Information Directory. You can find it live on our website! The directory includes up to date contact information for useful government, nonprofits, advocates, and businesses who focus on serving older adults or providing essential services.

We’ve included local Ward 3 resources, such as places where lunches for older adults are served, and Around Town DC with their many virtual programs; citywide resources such as DC’s transportation options, such as Senior Med Express; and national resources such as Aging Life Care Association, a non-profit organization of care managers and a great resource to find local care managers throughout the US. It also includes local businesses who can help with around the house repairs or assistance.

Being listed on the directory does not imply a Village endorsement, we don’t have a formal vetting process. But it does provide an easy to access starting place for those looking for information on a variety of topics. We’re keeping the list up to date with daily changes, and if you have suggestion for additions, I’d love to have them. Additional ideas can be sent to us via email.

Office Updates

Another new change – we recently redesigned our office space to make it more comfortable for visitors and volunteers who stop by. You can also pick up a hard copy of brochures for various aging resources. We’re open and welcoming visitors between 10am and 4pm at the Broadmoor (3601 Connecticut Avenue, NW in Suite L-04).

Many thanks to all of those that helped to make the online and physical resources available, with special acknowledgement of our volunteer, Emily Benner, who got us over the finish line!

Frank Finamore is Executive Director of the Village


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