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From Frank ... Aug 6

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

I usually think of August as a time to rest and recharge. So far, it’s been anything but a relaxing time at my home. I’m happy to report that my mother, who fell in mid-July, has successfully had surgery and is now recuperating at home. She has lots of physical and operational therapy and seems to be on the upswing. Many thanks for all of your well wishes.

This experience has made me think about the importance of fall prevention and the need to have contingency plans/support lined up for when life changes quickly. Our weekly walking group and yoga and stretching classes (via Zoom currently) are a great way to maintain physical fitness. We are also working on a joint project with Cleveland Park’s Pivot Physical Therapy to offer an assessment clinic. Stay tuned for more details! For some, you might also consider a pendant that will alert a service if a fall is detected. Many of our members use such a service and I’d be happy to solicit and disseminate members’ experiences with various companies.

In terms of additional contingency planning, the Village itself should be part of that support system. You’ll recall that we have two types of membership: basic (e.g., social) membership and MembersPlus which entitles the member to receive volunteer services for such things a rides to the doctor, grocery and prescription deliveries, minor household repairs, etc. We are fortunate that our neighbors of all ages sign up to become volunteers who are the ones to fulfill requests by MembersPlus. Claire and I help facilitate that process, but the beauty of the Village model is that we truly are “neighbors helping neighbors.” If you’re currently a basic member and you’d prefer to become a Member Plus, you can do so at any time. Just send me an email or give me a call to discuss. For more info on membership levels, you can click here.

Finally, it’s crucial that we have your correct contact information and that for your emergency contacts. We recently requested this information by e-mail and received updated information from about half of our members. If you are unsure if you responded to this request, please call Claire at 202-615-5853. Let’s use this August to ensure that we’re ready for what life might throw at us!


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