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Dial-a-Docent: National Portrait Gallery "Scientists"

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The mission of the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) is to tell the story of America by portraying the people who shape the nation’s history, development and culture. There are many contributors, representing many identities: writers, politicians, entertainers. Scientists comprise one group of people who have stimulated the growth and development of the United States in many ways.

This virtual tour will explore the work of some of the scientists-- from Benjamin Franklin, who discovered that lightening was electricity (and invented the lightening rod to mitigate its powerful effects) to George Washington Carver (who brought practical solutions to agricultural problems) to Rachel Carson (who raised public awareness of ecological consequences of pesticides) to Linus Pauling (the father of molecular biology)—who made scientific research and discovery part of the American consciousness through research, communication, and invention. And, we’ll have some fun exploring a sample of wonderful portraits from NPG!

This program will be limited to 15 participants, so be sure to e-mail us to reserve your spot as soon as possible!


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