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DC Villages and Byte Back Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration between the DC Villages and Byte Back to create digital equity and close the digital divide for older adults in our community.

With generous support from The Washington Home Foundation, the DC Villages will work with Byte Back to pilot a program to enhance digital literacy for our members. DC Villages has collaborated with Byte Back to develop a comprehensive training model to provide the tools and support to help members navigate technology with confidence.

Digital Skills Training - Village members will have the opportunity to participate in a Computer Foundations class – an intensive training that is specially tailored to our members’ reported needs and interests. No computer experience is required.

Members, we need your help! In order to tailor the Computer Foundations class, we need feedback on your technology support needs and interests. Click here to take a brief survey and tell us how we can best support your technology needs. Please complete the survey by February 24, 2023.

What’s next? This pilot program will be carried out throughout the year. Classes will be held in various locations around the city to ensure members and volunteers from all Villages can participate in or near their community. We will keep you posted on training opportunities in our area when they are made available.

We are looking forward to offering this exciting program to our Village community.


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