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COVID-19 Vaccine and Staying Well

With the COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, many of us have questions. The CDC addresses how they are making recommendations for prioritizing who should get the vaccine and includes facts about the COVID-19 vaccine. As we shared last week, the draft version of DC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan describes a phased distribution (see pages 19-23 of the report.). DC Health acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected District seniors, those with chronic medical conditions, and racial and ethnic minorities, and has identified the Department of Aging and Community Living (DACL) as one of its partners in helping to integrate this important public health initiative.

It is important to remember we are still in the middle of an historic pandemic. Current infection rates and death rates in the U.S are breaking records. This is not the time to let our guard down.

In addition to wearing a mask over your nose and mouth while outside of your home, practicing social distancing, practicing proper hand hygiene, avoiding large crowds, and reducing your time in indoor public spaces, residents can sign up for the DC COVID Alert Notice (CAN).

DC CAN uses Bluetooth technology in your smartphone to quickly notify users who have likely been exposed to COVID-19. Widespread use of this technology can reduce the risk of infection for your friends and family and help DC stop the spread. If you haven’t already signed up for DC CAN, follow these instructions. Need help signing up? Volunteers are available to assist Village members.

Additionally, the Mayor’s Office has created signs for DC residents to place on their front door to remind visitors to follow guidelines that help reduce the spread of the virus. You can print signs here.

Be assured that Cleveland & Woodley Park Village is closely monitoring recommendations made by reputable sources like the CDC and the mayor's office, which we will continue to share with you. We're here to assist you throughout this pandemic and beyond.



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