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Caregiving Support Group for Men

Wednesday, February 15 at 3:00 pm Hosted by Capitol Hill Village Register Here

This will be a discussion group for men who are serving in a caregiving role for a loved one with an illness or disability, whether spouse, sibling, parent or other loved one.

Caregiving can be lonely and stressful. Even when we deeply love the person we're caring for, the role of caregiver can challenge us in myriad ways. With the physical, emotional and practical demands, there's no question that caregivers need support to be able to take care of themselves while they care for another.

According to AARP, 40% of the family caregivers in this country are men, and men often have a different experience of caregiving than women. We would like to create a space for men to share their caregiving experiences and find support from other men. If the meeting is enjoyable or helpful, those attending may decide they'd like to meet again.

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