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Capitol Hill Village Healing Circle for Grief and Loss

The April - May 2021 Healing Circle serves as a place for safe sharing and moving through any type of grief or loss. At this time of uncertainty when grief and loss are in the foreground, a Healing Circle can be a place for you to find solace and non-judgmental support.

Typically, Healing Circles begin with opening agreements, time to check in, time for meditation, and time to read a book on a shared topic of interest. While attending all sessions is not required, participants are encouraged to attend each session in an effort to build relationships and community.

Pattie Cinelli's article in The Hill Rag (5/2017) is an excellent introduction to our process. You can read it here.


Wednesdays from 10:00 am-12:30 pm:

Wednesday, April 14th (Introduction to Healing Circles)

Wednesday, April 21st

Wednesday, April 28th

Wednesday, May 5th

Wednesday, May 12th

How can I attend?

Healing circles will be offered via Zoom and can be accessed by computer for video, or phone call if you do not have a smart phone or computer.

There is no charge for participation.

Please contact Marilyn Goldberg, to RSVP, get login information, or with questions and concerns.


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